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As a search engine marketing agency, Fanatically Digital specializes in leveraging Google, Bing, and Yahoo while expanding our clients’ programs to additional SEO & PPC channels as their metrics warrant. Get your free marketing proposal below!

Chicago SEM Agency

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We manage PPC programs on a flat fee, percent of media or hourly basis depending on what fits best with our clients. Contact us at 800.861.9940 to discuss your program or request a free marketing proposal.

Okay, now that you’ve heard about the same things that everyone else also says, here’s what sets us apart. If these things don’t matter to you, then any PPC agency will do.

PPC Transparency We give our clients access to our own management system. You need to know what is going on, or at least have the ability to know. You have people to answer to, and one of the questions may just be “how do you know?” Well, you’ve seen it. It’s not always pretty, or easy. But it is always real and accessible. If we can’t be honest, then we can’t have a real relationship.

  • You’ll never be surprised
  • You can report to internal stakeholders with confidence
  • You can justify the budgets, even in the initial program phases.

Performance Accountability. We work with our clients to set targets, in SEO, SEM, paid media, everything. Not flimsy things like, “it’ll be better” but real targets, numbers that we match results against using analytics and optimization platforms. We show how we plan to get there and then, if we miss, we don’t hide, we show why. We correct and move on. Too often a search marketing agency will spend more energy trying to persuade you that things are great than trying to make things great. We don’t hide. We work…hard.
You’ll know the value you are getting from your PPC spend. Clear cost per sale or action. ROI where we can track through to the sale.

Start to finish. Some directions, particularly in PPC require resources many clients don’t have. Site changes or technical implementations, or just plain bandwidth can cause problems for clients. We step in to ensure resources are available to implement the needed changes. You shouldn’t pay for advice you can apply.
Don’t get frustrated by search marketing agency services that can’t be implemented.

When Best Practices in PPC Are Not Enough

Pay Per Click advertising is most often associated with Google, Bing, Ask, and their paid search and display PPC networks. While PPC extends to other formats, we focus here on search engine marketing. We often hear about paid search best practices, and there are some. However, SEM is not rocket science, but it is hard work. The best practices of SEM can be summed up as:

Tight Ad Groups. Keep ad groups very tightly defined. Cover narrow topic / category areas in each ad group. This helps Keyword quality and the search ad relevance.

Optimize Deeply. Optimize as deeply into your funnel as possible. Best, to the actual revenue. If you can’t go that far, understand the relationship between your keywords to the deepest point, and the company revenue.

Experience matches Expectations. Keywords, ad copy and landing pages all need to align. Essentially, user experience must match expectation. They tell you what they want with the Keywords they use. Your ads and landing pages should follow suit. Any PPC person will know this with just a couple of years of experience.

But what happens when “best practices” don’t get the best results?

  • This is where experience comes in big.
  • Sometimes, broad match and broad ad groups actually do better than the Tight Ad Groups.
  • Sometimes, high KW quality scores are NOT what you want. The deeper you optimize, the more visibility you get into the exceptions to this PPC best practice.
  • Sometimes, your landing page needs to be broader than the specific information related to the ad. The expectations may be deeper than just the keyword category.

All this goes to the notion that SEM is not rocket science, but it is hard work. You have to be willing to fight against the grain, try things that are a bit quirky, take risks, learn and admit you were wrong, but now wiser.

If you are going to partner with an search marketing agency, be sure  they are willing to challenge their own assumptions as well as yours.