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The Search Engine Optimization experience with our agency

Search Engine Optimization is a partnership between the SEO experts and the experts of the business in the company working together to drive better rankings results on Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO takes its queue from the way users talk about and look for products and services, then translating this into on page content, content distribution and link building strategies and tactics.The best SEO agencies work closely with their clients to direct the right keywords, content and user experience to optimize websites based on the nuances of the specific user group.Your experience with our SEO will include the following:

  • In depth conversations about your business, and most importantly about your customers & market
  • A review of the key content that buyers seek during the purchase process
  • Keyword research and analysis to connect buyers information needs with the way they search
  • Content audit and mapping, ensuring site content contains the necessary keywords based on the research
  • Technical audit to ensure the search engines have the easiest possible path to your site's content
  • User experience review to be sure that content a layout are user friendly
  • In-bound link analysis and link building
  • Implementation assistance wherever needed.

As a Chicago SEO company we work closely with our clients, face-to-face to be sure we are all on the same page. Whether they take advantage all the SEO services, or just work with Fanatically Digital for guidance, we provide our clients with a high level of service as well as expertise in optimizing their web sites. We are super excited about SEO and would be thrilled to speak with you about your program.


Since better search engine rankings take time and consistent attention, we believe in long term relationships with our clients, but not long term contracts. Our partnerships are designed to be flexible with our clients and their specific SEO needs.

SEO Company: what to look for

There are a lot of good SEO people. But, that doesn't translate into a good SEO Company for your needs. A good SEO Company is comprised of people and processes that can adapt SEO techniques to the needs of your company. Some of the tell-tail signs of a good SEO Company are:

1) The people can discuss business needs beyond SEO. It is one thing to be able to conduct some keyword research and tell you what words people are using. But, it is another to understand your business and help you turn the research insights into actions that make sense for your business. How you communicate to financial services prospects is very different than new car buyers. So it is not just a question of keywords, but how to position the copy and flow on your site, and integrate with your sales process.

2) Resources to help you implement. SEO is a blend of content on page, social distribution, link building and technical adjustments to your website. Too often SEO Companies simply tell you what to do, and these are usually good directions, but if you don't have the resources to implement them, you've just paid for advice you can't use. Make sure your SEO Company and your other resources are well aligned. As a Chicago SEO company we focus on local clients so we can sit face to face and work through the needed resources.

3) Do they provide benchmarks? SEO is not a guarantee by any stretch. However, this does not mean that you should not have a current state and benchmark targets for search impressions, position advancement, CTR and traffic targets for future periods. What those SEO targets are depends on your situation, but you need to have them to understand your progress.

We know you will speak with a lot of good SEO people. What you should look for is an SEO company / agency that understands your broader business, is willing to set objective targets and has the resources to implement even the on site technical changes in case you do not.

The SEO Technical Audit


As with most things, the foundation on which we build must be strong. For SEO, it is the technical aspects of a website that need to be solid before the content is built out. At Fanatically Digital, the initial parts of our engagement include a thorough site audit and repair efforts were needed. The primary areas of focus for an SEO site audit include(not limited to):

  • Site speed
  • robot.txt
  • sitemap.xml
  • broken links
  • proper tag and attributes implementation: H1, H2…, title, meta, alt

With the nearly ubiquitous use of CMSs, content creation is much easier. But this also means errors are propagated through templates, magnifying a single error dozens or hundreds of times. Establishing the foundation in the CMS is crucial to keeping the site clean and SEO friendly.


Some of the more common technical issues we see are:
Use of H1 tags for styling. The H1 tag is used by search engines as one of the indicators of a page’s primary content. If more than one H1 tag appears on a page, the engines have a more challenging time identifying what the page is really about. The reason the H1 tag appears multiple times is usually because the developer used it for it’s text style. The correct way to do this is to create a new style class that matches that of the H1 tag and apply it as warranted by the site’s design.

Duplicate content / title tags are a frequent issue with CMSs. This usually occurs when either there are category pages or there is a site default setting and the developers fail to set the title / content tags for the individual pages. As another indicator of page subject matter, the title tags in any given site should all be unique. For search engine optimization, if you are hard pressed to determine unique title tags, you may not have truly unique content on the page.

The Alt attribute of the img tag is a persistent issue in search engine optimization. The Alt tag provides an opportunity for the site to provide detailed description of the image’s content. As it related to the content on the page, this provides site owners an opportunity to create even more focused information for the engines. For us, we like to try to tag every image, including the icons, arrows, bullets, etc. These elements are not necessarily going to add to the subject, but creating the habit of properly tagging every image reduces the likelihood of failing to tag the important images.

The tricky part about technical SEO is that it highlights things users, and site owners, can’t readily see and therefore ignore. These issues are not treated with the importance they deserve and are left unaddressed. When this happens, site owners are often frustrated by the lack of progress otherwise good site content makes in attracting organic traffic.


One of the good things about working with a local Chicago SEO Agency is that we can sit with our clients face to face to walk through the technical audits, prioritize the issues and set the foundation for search engine optimization. If you’re not in Chicago, we will hold periodic face to face meetings and then more frequent skype / hangout meetings.

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