Paid Search Agency

Paid Search Agency

As a paid search agency, PPC marketing is our bread and butter. We love it because there is no marketing strategy that is more controllable, measurable and guaranteed to increase your visibility, leads, and revenue than a pay-per-click long as it’s run by PPC experts.

More Than PPC Management

Running a paid search marketing agency is as much a creative, artistic endeavor as it is a scientific, data-driven one. The work doesn’t end once your first-page ad gets a click. From there, it’s about turning those clicks into goals.

In addition to PPC, Fanatically Digital specializes in conversion rate optimization. That includes assisting in website design and development in order to create ideal landing pages with a logical flow right that leads right to your desired conversions.

Fanatically Digital’s marketing services begin with:

Electronic devices

Aligning with our client’s strategy

We’ll sit down and discuss your business’ needs, your past marketing practices, and what you wish to accomplish through digital marketing.

Creating an in-depth plan

Together, we’ll establish our marketing targets and detail immediate and long-term objectives; some realistic ones and some that are more ambitious (we love a challenge).

Detailed keyword research

Our guys will spend hours becoming acquainted with your field and familiarize themselves, not just with keywords and terminology, but they’ll gain a detailed understanding of your market

Continual optimization

A good paid search campaign is never over. We’re committed to constant experimentation and precise dial-turning to maximize your leads and revenue

Chicago PPC Agency

The Chicago PPC Experts

We’ve been around digital marketing since search engines emerged in the 1990s. We’ve watched their evolution and continue to study their trends and progressions.

One of our specialties is localized search engine marketing. We've optimized sites and ran local campaigns for countless clients, both in Chicago and across the country. Trust a Chicago PPC agency to get the job done.

Our Past PPC Work

The advertising may be digital, but the relationships are all about the people. We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best clients in the world. Our consulting work has taken us around the globe and our core client group challenges us to always create what's next in digital advertising.

Digital Services Include:


Search Marketing Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns

Remarketing & Custom Audience

PPC & CPM Display Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Free PPC Proposal

We believe in close, transparent relationships with our clients. We don’t hide behind technobabble and corporate jargon. Our clients have full access to their campaign management system. You’ll never be surprised and you’ll always be kept in the loop so you can report to internal stakeholders and justify your budgets.

Give us a call or fill out our form to get a free proposal. When you do, we'll provide you with a free Adwords competitive report to see what your competitors are doing, what keywords they're bidding on the most, what ad strategies they are using, and how aggressive they are bidding on key search terms.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Find out how Fanatically Digital can kickstart your website’s performance with a PPC campaign today!!