Digital Marketing: The Long View

Since it’s beginning, digital marketing has been thought of as the medium that can move quickly. Make a change to your AdWords account, and it shows up almost immediately. Change your display ad, and the ad server will start delivering the new one right away. This ability to have a nearly immediate response to our actions is appealing. But it may also be harmful.

Sticking to a long-term strategy, guided by KPIs connected to sales, or sales directly, takes discipline. To ensure you manage to the long-term success, and avoid knee-jerk reactions, create a schedule of reports that align with your role with a scope that keeps you properly focused. Deciding in advance what KPIs you will monitor will help the organization to stay on track.

Managing the organization requires that each person know their proper role and scope. The KPIs for frontline employees are quite different than a manager, and an executive. By providing each person with timely information (not necessarily daily), you allow each to focus on their core and maintain a steady path with the long-term strategy.

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