Bing makes a profit

Bing LogoBing is profitable (Fortune Bing story ) and the search engine broke the 20% search share threshold. So, are you still ignoring the search engine?

Paid Search
Google seems to get all the attention from many advertisers. But those who have taken advantage of Bing paid search have often seen their advertising dollars generate more efficient sales than on Google. We have developed Bing paid search programs for clients that proved more effective in generating profitable leads than google.

With limited budgets it makes sense to explore the most efficient options. Google, as the default ppc option, usually gets first shot at ad dollars. However, for those with more limited budgets, it is possible that the entire budget can be absorbed efficiently on Bing. Better yet, find a blend with the two to get the best of both engines. For paid search, if you’ve only worked with Google, start testing into Bing.

Yahoo is pulling in about 10% of the search share, making it a minor contender for attention. With the new Google deal, combined with Bing, advertisers will some of the Yahoo impressions with ads in either.

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