A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is in our DNA. Since the mid 1990s we’ve managed digital marketing and advertising programs, including paid search, SEO, social, email and display. We manage the digital marketing to help our clients grow.

Paid Search Marketing

In Google adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini and a host of other search engines, Fanatically Digital Creates and manages paid search programs from strategy to implementation. From keyword research and complete SEM build outs to landing page testing, we provide the full spectrum of paid search marketing services.

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Search Engine Optimization

Google, Bing & Yahoo drive website traffic. Getting and staying up in the rankings requires a disciplined approach to SEO based on experience and continual learning. Once on your site, ensuring users get the most out of your content and you get the engagement you desire – leads, downloads, sales – results from constant testing and measuring.


Social, Content & Email

Developing, distributing and sharing content through multi-channel digital engagement, our programs are grounded in strategy and guided by editorial and content calendars. From the basics of blogs and social engagement to creative content development and distribution, we drive relevant traffic.

Social & Content

Local & Mobile Digital Marketing

Local is mobile, we’ve known that for years now. With targeted, localized product information and retail locations optimized for maps on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, retailers are increasing store traffic and sales. Our listings management services and local SEO services help clients grow their business.

Local & Mobile

The Chicago Digital Marketing Agency Difference

Good partnerships are more important than long term contracts. We believe that good work, good relationships and true transparency are cornerstones of strong agency / client partnerships. This is particularly true with digital marketing agencies where things can move very fast. Too often clients have no visibility into what the agency is doing. This is an old habit to keep the agency’s “secrets”. Its an outdated model.

At Fanatically Digital we believe that the more a client understands about what we are doing, the better they can be as a partner. Digital marketing often comes down to nuance, not brute force. Only through visibility, education and understanding, in both directions, can agencies and clients be on the same page, driving for the same results. We provide our clients as much access as they desire to our project management tools, platform reporting tools and working documents. As their digital agency, we want them to succeed because when they do we also succeed.