Hyper targeting ads on facebook

This past week I conducted a workshop at SCORE Chicago, which is a business mentoring organization for small – to mid sized companies associated with the SBA. The content was marketing on Facebook. We covered the basics of setting up a social media presence, engaging on Facebook (and others) as well as Facebook Advertising. While most were aware of advertising on Facebook, they generally did not know about the level of targeting available. If you are not familiar with the level of targeting on Facebook (and other platforms), you may be surprised by what you can do.

Here are just some of the (more popular) options…

  • Geographic targeting from national down to zip codes and radii around locations.
  • By demographics of age, gender, income, household, relationships
  • By interest. This is where it gets exciting. Almost anything from music to outdoor activities to knitting if you like. Chances are there FB has interest targets associated to your product or service.
  • By profession and levels or titles (depending on the area).
  • By custom audiences. Upload your email list, previous site visitors, “look-a-like” based on your list or site visitors. Have a bunch of leads, that did not close? Target them with a conversion offer. Want more repeat business? Load your customers’ emails. You can segment lists in almost any fashion.

With the ability to carve out different segments, you can develop hyper focused ad copy and images rather than just a static ad to all. Take some time and consider some of the ways you might want to target prospects and then look at Facebook’s targeting options, and line it up.

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