Google Plus Launches Collections

Google Plus collections

Google+ makes content discovery easier for users through a format similar to Pinterest boards. This gives people the ability to curate content and share it with others that have similar interests.

Making this more powerful is the ability to curate different types of content and make the overall experience more helpful with long form posts and interaction. For companies, this can become a great way to keep deep content in specific areas together, while not dominating their core profile with narrow subject areas.

Ford can have the core G+ page and collections for each model, with images, discussions and advice / help content, etc.

Furniture stores can similarly create Collections for rooms, decor styles, or trends.

Hospitality or hotels chains can curate collections of key markets and tourist attractions or events along with interactions with the users.

Some Collections I thought were kind of neat:

Dateline #DisneyWorld

Cities and Streets

Social Media Academy

Game Lounge

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