Creating the Right Culture to Maximize Analytics

Digital AnalyticsDigital analytics and more precisely, how a company uses digital analytics is a focus of mine. Over the years I have seen very smart people with access to very sophisticated analytics programs feel paralyzed by their own ignorance. Whether it an inability to measure their own results or the lack of visibility into what others in their organization are doing, they don’t have the confidence to make decisions and take action.

On the flip side there are some very “junior” people making some very wise choices directly as a result of their access and understanding of the impact of their own actions. Information truly is power.

I had the great privilege of traveling from Europe to Asia to run seminars on how to apply digital analytics in day to day operations. I saw first hand how information empowered people, and lack of information stymied them. The key difference was not the tools the companies use but the culture of the companies who used them properly.

Based on experience and observations, with a strong grounding in the content of my seminar, I’ve written a book about digital analytics. Specifically what a company needs to do to implement a culture of analytics.

Digital Analytics. The Culture of Insights and Actions.

The book is not a long book, but I do think is can be helpful in guiding individuals to affect change within their organization. It is not about any specific analytics program or application. Rather I focus on the human aspect of analytics and making the application of analytics ‘real.’  I firmly believe that the greatest asset of any company is the group of people who show up everyday and want to make a difference. All they need is the right set of tools. Digital analytics is one of those tools.


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