Working at Fanatically Digital

We are north of Chicago. At Fanatically Digital we have only a few rules:

  1. Have Respect. Respect clients, respect our clients’ customers, respect each other, respect our industry.
  2. Get the job done. This is not just limited to “your job”, but is really a mindset that says “I’ll do what’s needed to deliver what FD promised our clients.” In some cases this means that what needs to get done is not in our official job description. We do it anyway.
  3. Lend a hand. There are days when we get our jobs done early. Before we shut down, if a coworker is still going at it, we see if we can help out. Many times the answer is no. Sometimes it is yes. But every time, the offer to help is appreciated.

If the above “rules” sound good, please connect with us.

We are digital. As such, we really like Linkedin. If you are applying for a position, our initial application is simple. Provide your name, email address and your LinkedIn profile in the boxes for the position.

Pay Per Click Manager – Part Time

fanatically digital markWe are lining up staff for growth and are seeking experienced PPC folks to manage the day-to-day aspects of clients programs. The hours are flexible and you have a work from home option. The position is ideal for people who may have stepped away from PPC for a while and are looking to ease themselves back into it.

We’re looking for someone who has independently managed small to medium size PPC programs. We’ll set direction for the PPC campaigns, but this person is needed to set them up or take over and run them, as well as make recommendations for improvements / optimizations.

If this sounds pretty cool to you, please provide your name, email and Linkedin profile url.