WordPress Site Development

WordPress is a powerful site building tool. It was once the mainstay for just small or medium-size businesses. But, today even larger companies deploy sites using WordPress.

As powerful is WordPress is, it can’t do everything. Even with all the plugins and themes available, many site owners can’t find quite what they are looking for. Sometimes it is a complicated functionality the requires very customized code. Other times the functions are incredible simple… so simple that no one bothered to create a plugin for it. Seems counter-intuitive, but simple is not impressive, and many developers are looking to impress with complexity.

When we work with our clients, we strive to keep things simple for them. The beauty of WordPress is how accessible it is to even novice website managers. Our philosophy can be summed up as:

  1. Take the simplest technical path to solve the clients business problem.
  2. Code to achieve goals, not to impress.
  3. Create a site the client can manage without us post-production if possible.

In the course of solving our clients’ technical issues, we may create code or plugins that can help others as well. When this is the case, we’ll release these plugins under a  GPLv2 or later license. While we strive to create code that can be applied broadly, we do not guarantee the functionality and do not warranty the code. All users are responsible for ensuring they back up their sites prior to implementing any plugins.