Website development and creative services

Websites are about more than “how cool” it looks. Sure, that’s important. But ensuring the user experience flows well, you are optimized for SEO & mobile and that you create a site that can be easily managed over the long haul is just as important. Fanatically Digital’s team has worked on large and small web development projects. We understand the balance that is needed between form and function, features and budgets.FD brings to the table the necessary resources to match the needs of the web dev project and ensure our clients’ sites achieve their objectives. Our resources include designers and developers who work on standard CMS packages like WordPress or Joomla to custom site development. If you are looking for a complete rebuild or tweaks to your current website, Fanatically Digital is your go-to agency.

Site Design

We start with a review of the site requirements. This involves a conversation with our clients to determine the site objectives, use-cases, and required functionality. This is followed by a requirements document that we review with clients to ensure all the needs of the website are incorporated into the website wireframes.

Wireframes are then reviewed with the client to gain a mutual understanding of the flow, functionality, and content.

Website Creative

As the wireframes are finalized, creative resources are engaged with the client. We develop design variations based on the brand and overall aesthetics. At the same time, copywriters begin their engagement to ensure the content meets brand guidelines and is well written.

Website SEO

Website creation includes SEO reviews for both content and technology, ensuring we provide the right content and allow for the bots to easily scan the site and index the content. Follow the link below to receive a free proposal and learn more about how Fanatically Digital can assist you in website development and search engine marketing.