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Local is becoming mobile. The actions of mobile users following their search involves visiting the location and purchasing. Local optimization will get visibility on the pc and on mobile. Making sure it is optimized for mobile will get visitors and sales. Some key findings that drive our perspective:

Mobile Internet: 52% of smartphone users look for local information in the car or on-the-go

Use in Stores: 90% of all users have used their phones while shopping; smartphone uses: 54% look for deals while 51% compare prices

Mobile Apps on the Rise: 45% of heavy mobile users use store apps to learn about products and services while in store

Mobile Ads Work: 70% of heavy mobile users who view mobile ads make a purchase; 80% do so within 72 hours.

from the Local Search Association 2015


Mobile Local is a unique combination of SEM, SEO, Social media, and location listings optimization. With a focus on listings management and review nurturing, we have helped clients maximize exposure and optimize conversions - ie more calls and in-store traffic.

With a foundation of SEO, optimizing local listings to highlight products and services aligned with properly formatted location information ensures our clients are present for the relevant searches, and most importantly, customers can locate our clients quickly.

High level areas of focus:

  • Google Map / Google Plus
  • Yahoo! Maps
  • Bing Local Listings
  • Online Yellow Pages
  • Listings aggregation and distribution to 10s of thousand of sites & mapping software.
  • Yelp



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