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The advertising may be digital, but the relationships are all about the people. We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best clients in the world. Our consulting work has taken us around the globe and our core client group challenges us to always create whats next in digital advertising.

Memory Suppliers, an iPromo Company
Memory Suppliers was hit hard by Google Algorithm changes and spent a couple of years struggling to get back to page one with key search terms. When we signed on with iPromo/Memory Suppliers, we approached the site from the very basics of technical site issues through content and link building. Patience pays off. The traffic increased and more importantly, leads increased by almost 2x.

For more on our approach, check out: MS SEO Results SEO Case Study

Memory Suppliers



Fanatically Digital works with PEAK Auto on Paid search where we made their program more efficient increasing their paid search goal clicks while reducing their overall spend by over 28%. The greater effectiveness allow them to redirect paid search budgets to other digital media.

For PEAK Auto SEO, through site improvements, content restructuring, CRO and link building, we have increased organic site traffic by nearly 20% year over year while increasing the contacts and location lookups.

For more on our PPC approach For PEAK Auto, check out: PEAK Pay Per Click case study
PEAK PPC Case Study




Kering (B2C) Created and conducted multiple international 1-day analytics workshops for major Kering brands including Gucci, Puma, and Stella McCartney. Focus on transition to e-commerce tracking, reporting and improving conversions through the purchase process. Held workshop in Paris, Florence, Boston, New York and Hong Kong.

Digital Analytics Approach: Digital Analytics approach




Armstrong Local Movers (B2B and B2C)
Website development and search marketing programs to service multiple marketing. We developed and launched the new local moving site for Armstrong, as well as initiated and managed the local paid search program.

Armstrong Local Movers

AC Delco / General Motors (B2C)
We initiated the first local search program from GM and implemented unique tracking, cross media and brand tracking. Measurement was made possible by the development of custom tracking and reporting technology.

Ac Delco

AutoNation (B2C) Managed paid search, landing page optimization, and closed loop marketing. Worked with team on copy, landing page and keyword testing, maximizing click to lead and lead to purchases metrics. A key component of the program was hyper-local paid search marketing.



IAAI (B2C) Analytics, paid search and SEO programs. We managed programs to the cost per acquired asset (unique business model) and cost per asset sale. IAA worked closely with us to ensure we had access to their purchase and auction system, allowing us to map our paid search activity to each resulting transaction.

We worked with SMARTMD on paid search, display advertising, analytics, email, CRM integration and landing page development. SMARTMD has a challenge of long buying cycles and use-based pricing, making tracking back to the source a challenge. We developed customized capture code and integrated with their CRM to allow us to track the source of customers throughout SMARTMD’s system.

Caterpillar (B2B)
We developed and managed Local paid search and SEO programs, working with corporate and major dealers rolling out dealer site search engine optimization and paid media. Balanced Corporate initiatives with dealer marketing programs to ensure the right customers made it to the right sites / content.


Farmers Insurance (B2C) Early stage social media marketing program including profile development, affiliations (Zinga Farmville sponsorship) , media advertising, and corporate messaging. Vetted social media management platforms (deciding on Hearsay) and worked with client to initiated Agency social media program.