AMP Org home page view

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Problem AMP and FIA Fix Behind the scenes a browser sorts through a whole bunch of code that tells it how to present the content. This code is an agreed upon standard. Unfortunately, it is not really designed for easy mobile access to information such as news stories or blog articles. Standard html and […]

google compare closes

Google Compare Shutting Down

Google will close down its lead gen platform, Google Compare, by the end of March. Compare was, as the name infers, a way for shoppers to compare pricing and get quotes for services focused primarily in finance and insurance. After a 12 month run, Google sent an email to the partners letting them know that the […]

Video from kino-mo on a bike

Video Advertising – bike style

Video advertising is all around us in different forms. From the computer and phone to large outdoor billboards. But, this video advertising platform form Kino-mo is totally cool. The technology has the video reflecting off the spokes of the wheels while the bike is in motion. Relying on the visual trickery of the spokes seeming […]

adadyn-logo Programmatic platform

How you can leverage programmatic buying

Adadyn conducted research with MORAR to get a better feel for perceptions and actions of digital shoppers. The focus is holiday season, but the lessons are applicable year round. Consumers don’t hate ads As much hype as ad blocking technology has received in the last year or so, it does not truly represent the actions […]

Content Marketing Over the Long Haul

Content marketing is a cornerstone of many digital strategies. As we expand SEO and social, content marketing plans become essential in establishing a brand’s position with customers, prospects and their own employees. A study of content marketers in Australia saw in interesting change in the landscape ( I think this has implication in the U.S. […]