Cyber Friday?

Yes. Black Friday overtakes Cyber Monday for online shopping this year, based on adults in two studies. According to the Deloitte study Black Friday surpassed Cyber Monday as the most popular online shopping day during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Two-thirds (66 percent) of those shopping over the holiday weekend plan to do so online on […]

Seeing beyond our inner geek. A digital marketers biggest challenge

Sometimes a flyer with big black letters printed on bright yellow paper stuck in a person’s front door handle is the best marketing tool. Okay, I said it. The world doesn’t revolve around digital marketing. Sometimes the best answer is the simplest, most straightforward, non technical approach. This is true on the spectrum of marketing. […]

Google Plus Launches Collections

Google+ makes content discovery easier for users through a format similar to Pinterest boards. This gives people the ability to curate content and share it with others that have similar interests. Making this more powerful is the ability to curate different types of content and make the overall experience more helpful with long form posts […]