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How Much Should I Pay For SEO Services?

I’ve been in the digital market space for 20 years and this question, “how much should I pay for Search Engine Optimization?” is perhaps the hardest to answer. The elements that go into SEO are highly dependent on variables that agencies or SEO service providers need to identify before they can provide a valid estimate. […]

SEO Link building

Content marketing has made SEO link building harder

Yes good content should generate links back to your website and improve SEO perfomance. The challenge is in helping people differentiate between content marketing strategy and SEO link building tactics, and their respective control. Content marketing starts with a broader marketing objective, using distributed content to help achieve goals, and in some cases linking back […]

AMP Org home page view

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Problem AMP and FIA Fix Behind the scenes a browser sorts through a whole bunch of code that tells it how to present the content. This code is an agreed upon standard. Unfortunately, it is not really designed for easy mobile access to information such as news stories or blog articles. Standard html and […]

google compare closes

Google Compare Shutting Down

Google will close down its lead gen platform, Google Compare, by the end of March. Compare was, as the name infers, a way for shoppers to compare pricing and get quotes for services focused primarily in finance and insurance. After a 12 month run, Google sent an email to the partners letting them know that the […]