Digital Analytics

Actionable Insights Through Reporting and Analytics

Key to any digital marketing program is the ability to measure the impact of your decisions through actionable reporting and analytics. It may be media placements, ad copy, site content, buy flow, conversion optimization or any number of actions you may have. The old saying, “if it can be measured, it can be optimized” is a cornerstone of our planing and managing of digital marketing programs.We can work within nearly any analytics platform, but our platform of choice is Google Analytics. It’s not just that the free version is, well free. It’s also very powerful. From off-site to on-site tracking, to off-line data integration and an abundant reporting and dashboard suite, Google Analytics meets the needs of nearly every client we’ve work with.

As we work with clients in the development of their digital advertising, we set the stage with analytics. Within the website we look at specific KPIs that we need to track as metrics toward our goals. For some clients, this is a simple form submit, but for most it goes deeper than that. There are events, content consumption, engagement metrics and a host of site level activity that indicates the direction we are going and if it is aligned to the clients goals.

Beyond the onsite analytics, we also seek to tag every inbound link we can control with the utm parameters that tell us where the link came from and the specific context of the link. As we build the data around inbound links and onsite activity, we can optimize media buys, social engagements and off-site activity. Though proper planning and implementation of utm parameters we keep our clients’ media on track.

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